Scheduling Inspections for Building Permits

Now that you have received a building permit, you must comply with the Village’s building codes. Depending on the type of project, you will be required to schedule periodic inspections to ensure safe and orderly construction of your proposed project. Below are the steps to schedule an inspection and to close out your permit once the construction has been finalized.

Step 1: What Inspections Do I Need?

The Building and Safety Division has compiled a list of inspections for different types of projects. Nevertheless, keep in mind that all projects are not treated equally. There are often exceptions based on various criteria, and inspections may be required that are not listed in the inspection matrix. It is important to double-check with the plan reviewer and know precisely which inspections are required for your project. Please review the List of Required Inspections (PDF) for Building Permits.

Step 2: How Do I Schedule My Inspections?

To schedule a building, plumbing, or electrical inspection, please contact the Building and Safety Division at 847-671-8555. When scheduling an inspection, you must provide the street address, permit number, the type of inspection, and contact person that will be on-site of the inspection. Please keep in mind that all inspections must be scheduled a minimum of 24 hours prior to the preferred inspection date.

Step 3: I Have Finished My Project; Do I Need a Final Inspection?

Yes, in order to closed-out a building permit, you must call the office for a final inspection. Please keep in mind that you may not receive a new building permit if there is an existing permit that has not been closed-out.