Multi-Family Dwelling Licenses

The Village operates a licensing and inspection program for all multi-family residential properties. All multi-family dwellings in the Village must be licensed and undergo interior and exterior inspections. This program does not apply to single-family residences. Condominiums do not need a license, but must undergo inspections in public areas.

What Is a Multi-family Dwelling License?

Owners of multi-family dwellings are required to fill-out a Multiple Family Dwelling License Application in order to operate their business. The license is for one year from January 1st to December 31st and must be renewed annually. Please review the Multiple Family Dwelling License Application (PDF).

Once the application has been filled-out by the property owner, he or she must submit the application and pay the respective license fee to the Building and Safety Division. The license fees are shown in the table below.

Multi-Family Dwelling License Fees

Number of Units Owned
Operating License Fee
3 - 50
$145 per building and $5 per unit
51 - 350
$95 per building and $5 per unit
351 or more
$90 per building and $5 per unit
Multi-family dwelling owners must submit an application and pay the license fee prior to January 1st. In the case that the owner does not comply, the license fee shall be increased by 20% and will continuously increase every first day of each subsequent month till the license process has been completed. In the event that the ownership of a building changes during the license year, the license fee for the new owner will be determined on a per diem basis.

What Is Required of Owners With Multi-family Dwelling Licenses?

The Village conducts annual inspections of every multi-family building during the license year. The purpose of these inspections is to safeguard the health and safety of all occupants as well as to ensure buildings are in full compliance with the Village’s codes, ordinances, and regulations.

The multi-family dwelling inspectors will contact owners and schedule the inspections. It is the responsibility of the property owner to notify and inform his/her tenants about the inspections.

What Do I Do If I’m Given a Violation?

If the inspectors determine that the conditions or practices are in violation, the multi-family dwelling owner will receive a notice of violation that states which issues must be resolved in 30 days. At the end of the time period, the Village will conduct a re-inspection. The owner will not be charged for the first re-inspection. However, for every re-inspection afterwards, the owner will be charged a fee. If the inspector determines that the condition(s) has or have not been resolved after numerous re-inspections, he or she will issue a notice of intent to suspend the multi-family dwelling license till the owner cooperates and complies with Village codes. If the owner continues to not comply with the Village notices, he or she may be taken to court.

Where Can I Receive More Information On the Multi-family Dwelling Licensing Program?

The Village recently adopted a Crime Free Housing Ordinance. Information on the Crime Free program is available here: Crime Free Housing Program.

You may read more about the Multi-Family and Crime Free Housing programs in the Village’s Code of Ordinances.