Red Light Camera Enforcement Program

In an effort to enhance safety at some of Schiller Park’s most dangerous intersections, the Village Board approved the installation of an automated traffic enforcement system, also known as "Red Light Cameras," for several intersections within the Village. Cameras are currently installed and operating at three intersections (six locations): 

You may click on the links above to view the data analysis of these intersections.

According to recent studies conducted by the U.S. Department of Transportation, Red Light Camera Programs can decrease red light violations up to 60%. Traffic accidents caused by red light runners are among the most serious, often resulting in severe injuries and fatalities. Studies have shown that approximately 800 people die and 180,000 people are injured annually in the United States because of drivers running red lights.

How It Works

There are Two Types of Red Light Violations: (1) Right turn on Red Without coming to a complete stop and (2) Entering an intersection after the traffic signal has turned red. A common misconception is that the cameras will be photographing everyone as they drive through the community. In fact, Sensors placed in the pavement activate the camera only when a vehicle enters the intersection during the red light cycle. A total of three photographs will be taken plus 8 - 10 seconds of digital video. The images include: the car entering the red light intersection, the car passing through the intersection, and finally, a close-up of the license plate. All three photographs, plus a link to view the video footage online, will be provided to the vehicle’s registered owner as part of the information included with the mailed violation. According to Illinois Law, it is illegal to photograph the faces of either drivers or passengers.


More detailed information on the Red Light Camera Program for the top three entries above (four approaches at three intersections) can be found in our Red Light Program FAQ (PDF) or the Program Informational Flyer (PDF). If you have any questions that are not answered in the FAQ document, or you need to speak to someone at the Red Light Camera contractor, please call Red Speed at 866-562-4125.

Please see our Program Brochure if you have any questions regarding Northbound or Southbound River Road at Irving Park Road. Violations from these approaches are viewable at If you have questions left unanswered by the brochure or website, please call 877-262-3318.