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The Village of Schiller Park utilizes a geographic information system (GIS) for mapping and analyzing data. In 2014 the Village joined the GIS Consortium, a group of (currently) 35 regional local governments, unified by common goals to share resources, information, staffing, and technology. This technology helps Schiller Park to automate and improve traditional processes from mapping incidents to supporting infrastructure systems and centralizing project management. Through the GIS Map Office Public Application, the Village offers access to a detailed property search database where you can find your school district, zoning, voting precinct and polling location, and much more. We will also provide links to other maps below that our GIS team has created - these will show a variety of things including floodplain map revisions, event layouts, and community wide garage sale locations. You also have access to "Community Portal" a tool that goes beyond maps to offer additional relevant information about Village properties to its residents.

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Proposed New Crystal Creek Floodplain Map

The proposed new flood plain map is expected to have the following positive effect on the number of parcels/lots and unique addresses that remain in the flood plain.
  • Total number of parcels/lots in the FEMA Floodplain: 630 now is reduced to 223 after new map adoption
  • Total number of unique addresses in the FEMA Floodplain: 530 now is reduced to 162 after new map adoption

This means a reduction of roughly 368 homes in the new flood plain after adoption of the new proposed map.