Online Payments

This page contains links to available online payment options for vehicle stickers, water bills, and parking tickets. In order to purchase a vehicle sticker online, follow the "Purchase Vehicle Stickers" link below (it has a little car icon), and then follow the directions when you reach the next page. In order to make a water bill payment or pay a Schiller Park parking ticket, you must click on the button marked "Other Online Payments" below (it has a computer monitor icon), and then follow the directions when you reach the next page. Please direct any questions or concerns about the online payment process to the Village Hall at 847-678-2550, or you may complete and submit our online Contact Us Form with your questions.

Discounted Rates

If you are a senior you are entitled to a $20 discount off the cost of one sticker (the discount makes a senior's passenger car vehicle sticker free as always). In order to receive your discount when purchasing your vehicle sticker online, you must have purchased a senior sticker last year. If this is your first year purchasing a senior sticker, unfortunately you will not be able to purchase it online but must come to the Village Hall and purchase it there. You must also bring your drivers license for verification purposes.

Please note that discounted stickers for new residents and newly acquired vehicles cannot be purchased online. You need to purchase these stickers at Village Hall because it is required that you present proof that you moved into town or acquired the vehicle within the last 30 days to get the discounted rate. 
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