What can a paramedic do for the sick and injured?
Twenty-six (26) firefighters are also licensed as paramedics within the Schiller Park Fire Department. These paramedics can perform Advanced Life Support (ALS) in the field. ALS skills include EKG interpretation, defibrillation, intravenous access and some minor surgical techniques.

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1. Does the Fire Department charge for calls?
2. Why were there apparatus and personnel from other, neighboring fire departments on the scene?
3. What is the average response time for the fire department within the boundaries of the Village of Schiller Park?
4. What should I do when I see a fire engine, ambulance and/or a police car approaching with its lights and sirens on?
5. I have witnessed a fire engine with its lights and sirens on go through an intersection, then turn its lights off. Why?
6. Why does a fire engine show up when I call 9-1-1 for an ambulance?
7. What can a paramedic do for the sick and injured?
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9. Does the Village offer CPR classes?
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