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Zoning Board of Appeals

The Zoning Board of Appeals ("ZPA") exists under the Illinois Zoning Enabling Act and the state constitution of 1970. ZPA commissioners are appointed by the Mayor and Village Board. In most cases, the ZPA is an advisory board to the Village Board. Meetings are scheduled for the first Wednesday of every month at 7:00 PM at the Village Hall. However, the ZPA does not meet if there are no matters to consider so please check ahead before planning to attend.
Plans: The Village’s current comprehensive plan dates to 1997, although it has been updated since, most recently in 2006. The ZPA considers all district plans and changes to the comprehensive plan.
Zoning Map: The ZPA hears all re-zoning requests for individual properties. When a number of changes have been made, the map is re-published in it’s entirety. Our current zoning map is from 2015 and can be found by clicking here and using the Document Archive. 
Zoning Text: There are occasions when the Zoning Code needs clarification or updating to meet current land use situations. The ZPA is responsible for maintaining and modifying the zoning code text and recommending pertinent ordinances to the Village Board. You can view the Zoning Code by clicking here.
Appeals:  In rare cases, a building permit is denied based on zoning code limitations. Residents may appeal this directly to the ZPA which is the final authority on the matter. This requires a petition and appearance before the ZPA on a meeting night. You can find a copy of the ZPA Petition by clicking here and using the Document Archive.
Variances:  Often, there is a need for relief from the strict interpretation of the zoning, subdivision, or sign code.  One must complete a petition, you can find a copy of the ZPA Petition by clicking here and using the Document Archive, and appear for public hearing at the ZPA meeting. The ZPA will make a recommendation to the village board concerning the matter.
Subdivisions:  All subdivisions of land must be presented and approved at the ZPA with the standard petition you can find a copy of the ZPA Petition by clicking  here and using the Document Archive.
Signs:  Variances to the sign code must be presented to the ZPA for recommendation to the Village Board.

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