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Crystal Creek Project Nearing Completion


UPDATED 5/6/13
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Good news continues regarding the Creek project. All primary work on the Creek has been completed. This means that virtually all the flood control relief for Schiller Park residents is already in place and working. Last month’s torrential rains, with frozen soil, showed this to be the case as the water flowed easily through the new portions of the Creek with plenty of room to spare. This means that all Schiller Park residents benefit, including those south of Irving Park, because the storm water flows more quickly out of their neighborhood. This winter storm could have caused more problems if this work had not been completed.
There is one more phase of this project to be completed. The good news is that on February 12 the Village Board approved the last two required property rights agreements, including a substantial intergovernmental agreement with the Tollway, needed to complete the project. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR), which designs and constructs the project, is now in a position to take this last phase to bid. Work is expected to begin later this year. The entire cost for design and construction is paid for by the IDNR.
This last phase will primarily benefit Franklin Park from a storm water control perspective. The primary benefit for Schiller Park is that part of our agreement with the IDNR is they will complete a new “flood map” at the completion of all phases of the project. We expect that more than 100 Schiller Park residents will see a reduction in flood insurance costs as a result of this new map. The project must be entirely complete, however, before IDNR can create the new map. That is why we continue to work towards completion as quickly as possible.
We will continue to provide updates. If you have further questions regarding this project please contact the Village Hall at (847) 678-2550.  

Update 5/6/13:

Final completion of the project has been delayed due to contractual issues between the contractor and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources ("DNR"). The remaining work primarily involves landscaping along the creek including the planting of bushes. The last portion of work on this phase also includes wrapping up any lingering issues that remain unresolved so please contact the Village if you live on or near the creek and you have an issue with the creek project that has not been solved. The Village hopes the contractual issues holding up the project will be addressed quickly so that the final work can begin as soon as possible.

The best news recently was the strong performance of the new creek improvements during the very heavy rainfall on April 17th and 18th. The rainfall was heavy enough that the old creek configuration would surely have flooded and caused significant damage to surrounding homes. The new creek performed as advertised and did not overrun its banks and no appreciable damage was done because of the creek.

We will continue to provide updates. If you have further questions regarding this project please contact the Village Hall at (847) 678-2550.

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