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Village Offers Generator Grant Program


Village of Schiller Park

Generator Grant Program

This is a grant program designed to assist single family, two-flat, and three-flat homeowners in taking additional steps to protect their homes from basement flooding due to sewer backups and floodwaters. To that end the Village approved funding beginning January 1, 2011 for grants to residents to help defray the costs of purchasing a generator for their home to power a sump pump and/or other device(s) during a power outtage.

A generator purchased under this program can be a small portable generator or a large permanent fixed generator - however the reimbursement is limited to 50% of the cost of the generator with a maximum payout of $250.00.
   The program details are as follows:
§ The Village will provide a grant of 50% of the cost incurred up to a maximum amount of $250.00;
§ The grant is only available to single family, two-flat, and three-flat homes that are owner occupied;
§ The grant is available to a particular address only one time;
§ The homeowner must present the original paid receipt showing the total cost of the generator purchased to obtain reimbursement from the grant fund;
§ The homeowner must absolve the Village of any liability relating to the generator or the program;
§ The homeowner must submit a completed and signed program application form;
§ Funds for this program will only be available to the extent they are budgeted by the Village.
In order to participate in the grant program the homeowner must submit a completed and signed application (a copy can be downloaded here) and all relevant paperwork to the Village at:
Generator Grant Program
9526 W. Irving Park Rd.
Schiller Park, IL 60176
Please contact the Village at (847) 678-2550 if you have any questions about this form or the grant program. You can download a copy of the form by clicking on the link below:


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