Property Maintenance

Schiller Park has established minimum standards for all properties within the Village in order to protect the health, safety, and welfare of residents, business owners, and visitors. The Property Maintenance program is available to help residents understand how to comply with these standards. Some of the issues addressed in property maintenance include, but are not limited to, exterior maintenance of all buildings and property areas, garbage and refuse disposal, grass and weed controls, as well as maintenance of garages, sheds, fences, and sidewalks. The Village has adopted the 2006 International Property Maintenance Code and is enforced by property maintenance inspectors in the Building and Safety Division.

Minimum Maintenance Requirements in Schiller Park

The following information will help property owners adhere to the minimum maintenance requirements that apply to exterior and interior buildings and homes.

For Exterior Areas

  • All drainage must push water to the front or rear of the lot and prevent accumulation of stagnant water.
  • All motor vehicles must be operable and licensed. Inoperable motor vehicles will not be stored on the property. Painting of vehicles is prohibited unless in an approved spray booth. Residential garages are not approved spray booths.
  • Building address numbers must be visible from the street and alley, and must be a minimum of 2.5” tall.
  • Debris must be picked up in yards and parkways.
  • Garbage can lids must be closed tightly and odor free. Trash cans must be placed on the curb no earlier than 6pm the night before designated trash pick-up days.
  • Grass must be no longer than 8” tall, including in areas near fences.
  • Guardrails and handrails must be solid and secure. They must have a maximum opening of 4” at any location in the safety rail system.
  • Gutters must be clean from debris and be pitched so that there is flow to the downspouts.
  • Lights must be operable at all entrance doors.
  • Motor vehicles must be parked on solid surfaces (asphalts, concrete, or brick) not on grass or dirt.
  • Outside storage for garbage, ladders, wheel barrows, bikes, boats, and other recreational vehicles are not allowed. The Village allows one winter season of stacked usable firewood to be stored outdoors.
  • Sidewalks must be snow shoveled after each snowfall.
  • Walls, gutters, windows, doors, porches, fences, and other exterior structures shall not have any peeling paint, graffiti, or lose/broken parts.
  • Window screens must be installed and have no holes or tears.
  • Windows within 6’ of the ground shall have a sash locking device if the dwelling unit is rented.

For Interior Areas

  • All bathrooms and toilet rooms require an operable window or an exhaust fan that will remove all odors.
  • All doors and windows shall close and latch tightly.
  • All heating systems shall maintain at minimum of 68 degree Fahrenheit temperature.
  • All vermin or pests shall be exterminated with traps, sprays, or other catching mechanisms.
  • Appliances with a metal connector to a chimney must have the chimney pitched up towards the exhaust direction. Occupancy requirements shall restrict the number of individuals that can live in one dwelling unit.
  • Carbon monoxide detectors are required in hallways within 15’ from all sleeping areas.
  • Smoke detectors are required in each sleeping area, and directly outside of each separate area.
  • Walls, doors, and trim work shall not have peeling paint or any loose parts.
  • Water heaters and heating plants shall not have any materials leaning on them. All combustible materials shall remain at minimum 3’ away from mechanical appliances.

How Do I Submit a Property Maintenance Complaint to the Village?

Residents may report property maintenance violations within their neighborhoods or other parts of the Village by filling out an online service request form. Residents may request that their identity remain anonymous. Please complete and submit our Online Service Request Form.

To acquire immediate service, please contact the appropriate departments based on the nature of the issue. If you are in danger or a crime is being committed, call 9-1-1.

How Are Property Owners Notified of Property Maintenance Violations?

Property maintenance inspectors respond to complaints made to the Building and Safety Division and by systematic Village-wide inspections. If the property maintenance inspectors determine that a property is not complying with the Code, they will leave a pink door-hanger on the property. On the pink door-hanger, the property maintenance inspector will provide you with a date for re-inspection. You must resolve the issue(s) on the pink door-hanger prior to that date. If the issue has not been resolved, the property maintenance inspector will send a notice of violation to the property owner. Further noncompliance will lead to fines and a possible appearance in court.