New Business Owners

Dear New Business Owner,                                                                              

In order to operate a business in Schiller Park you will need a Business License. Home based businesses do not require a license, but they must conform to a series of requirements to operate in the Village. Details about the requirements for a home based business can be found in the Planning FAQ.

The Business License Application and a Confidential Emergency Contact Form (PDF) must be completed in full and submitted with a $30 application fee. The amount of time needed to process an application varies by the application and depends on many factors, including the number of inspections required, so an exact time frame for completion of this process is impossible to specify. If your application is ultimately approved you will receive an invoice for the cost of your business license.


All applications are first reviewed for compliance with zoning requirements. If a hearing is necessary you will receive specific instructions. To assure that your proposed business meets all code requirements, the application will be forwarded to the Fire Department and the Building and Safety Division. Access to the property may be necessary to allow for proper inspections. To determine if there are any outstanding fees owed to the Village, the application will also be reviewed by the Finance Department.


If all the above noted approvals are received, the completed application is then forwarded to the Administration Department for final review and processing. If everything is in order you will be mailed an invoice requesting final payment of the balance owing on your business license. This review includes calculating the total license fee, including any fees for vending machines and/or tobacco sales. Stickers for these will be included with your license when you receive it. Once your final payment is received an official Business License Certificate will be prepared and the official certificate will be mailed to you.


A business is not allowed to operate prior to receipt of the Business License Certificate. Once received the Business License Certificate must be prominently posted in your business. If you are planning any modifications to the building, including new signage, please check with the Building and Safety Division prior to the commencement of any work or the ordering or installation of new signage.


We are glad that you have chosen Schiller Park as the home for your business and wish you many years of success. Please contact the Village at 847-678-2550 if you have any questions about the business license process.


The Village of Schiller Park