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Posted on: March 2, 2021

Village Announces Flood - Storm Sewer Improvement Projects


Over the last year, the Village’s engineering, public works, and administrative departments have analyzed storm drainage systems throughout the Village. Storm drainage systems are interconnected and modifications to any one area require a study of the entire system. Before making any modifications to the system, complex engineering studies, that take time to complete before a project is budgeted, need to be performed.


Specific areas were studied. The main focus of storm sewer improvements is to minimize the likelihood of water coming into your home due to storm events. The streets are designed to accumulate and store water on a temporary basis until the drainage system can “catch up” and move additional water from the street. There is only so much water that can be moved through pipes and basins so when the downstream storage areas are full, the upstream areas will hold water until there is capacity to accept more water from the streets.


While the sewer system will not be able to handle extreme weather conditions, especially if multiple rain events occur within rapid succession, system improvements can be made to move the water away as quickly as possible after a storm event. The Village also cleans various storm sewers each year to minimize blockages that are often not discovered until a back-up occurs. In addition to the typical debris that is washed from the streets into the storm sewers, the illegal or inappropriate dumping of debris, including leaves, blocks sewers and are difficult to remove and usually only found during a storm event.


The areas mentioned below have been identified as areas in need of improvement. Work will commence on each of these projects during this 2021 construction season, so watch for additional information on the as we draw closer.


Please see the complete letter by using the link below and the related maps to further explain the work that will occur in the designated areas.

Resident Letter

Eastwood Avenue & Kolze Avenue Sewer Project

South Avenue & Linn Avenue Sewer Project

Seymour Avenue, Scott Street, & Soreng Avenue Sewer Project #1

Wesley Terrace, Grace Street, Kolze Avenue, and Gremley Avenue #2

Resident Letter
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