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Community Center

Admission Fee

Not usually charged except when the class, meeting, or event has a charge for attendance or participation associated with it.

Max Occupancy 150
The Village of Schiller Park Community Center is a facility that is often used by the Village for official Village events and meetings and also available to use for free by Village non-profit groups and organizations. It is regularly used to hosting a wide variety of events, classes, and meetings. The facility has a full kitchen and offers a large room and a small room that can be equipped with numerous large tables and as many chairs as are needed. Unfortunately it is not available to rent for a private event or party. If you are interested in renting a room for a private event or party please consider another Village facility - the Activity Center - details of which can be found on this website.

Since the facility is heavily used by the Village and various community groups for a wide variety of purposes throughout the year it therefore may already be booked on the day you would like to use it. Given this fact the Village urges groups interested in  booking this venue for their event to contact the Village as soon as possible to determine the availability of the Community Center at your date/time.