Schiller Park Metra Station

Metra trains make regular stops at the new Schiller Park Commuter Station on a Monday-to-Friday schedule. The Village is very excited that Metra service to Schiller Park is operating, it was the realization of a major long term goal for the Village. Having a station in town is of significant benefit to our residents and businesses.

The station building is located on the west side of the tracks along Ruby Street between 25th Avenue and Lawrence Avenue. The building is open between the hours of 5 a.m. and 10 p.m., Monday through Friday. The building's doors lock and unlock automatically at those times, and the building is locked throughout the weekend (because there are no trains running). The building is heated during the winter, and there is both inside and outside seating available. Please properly dispose of any garbage in the trash receptacles provided. If you notice any maintenance problems, such as a burned out light bulb or vandalism, please contact the Village at 847-678-2550 to report the problem.

Train Schedule

The schedule for Metra's North Central Service, which includes the trains stopping in Schiller Park, can be found on the Metra Rail Website.

Parking Lot Information

Payment for use of the station's parking lot is required by Village ordinance. The parking fee is $1.50 per day, and must be paid at one of the two parking payment boxes located at the north end of the station. Further details on this process can be found below. The Station's parking lot is closed from 2 a.m. to 5 a.m. daily, so anyone parking in the lot during the day will need to remove their vehicle before 2 a.m. that night to avoid getting a ticket or being towed. The Village of Schiller Park Metra Station parking lot is available for daily Metra users only and is not available for people using O'Hare Airport.

Overnight Parking Pass

The Village has a monthly Overnight Parking Pass program that allows certain Metra station users to purchase a monthly Overnight Pass. An Overnight Pass permits a patron to park their car in the lot overnight and/or over the weekend, as long as they display a valid pass and park in the specially marked "Overnight Pass" parking spots. These passes cost $30 per month, and must be purchased in three (3) month increments. However because only a small number of parking spaces are designated for Overnight Pass use, there are a limited number of passes available. Currently there are passes available. If you are interested in a monthly Overnight Pass, please contact Carmela Meli, in the Village Hall at 847-678-2550.

Parking Fees

As indicated above the parking fee is $1.50 per day. Parking can be paid for in cash (coins - exact change only) or by using a special parking payment card. The parking payment cards (similar to a credit card in size and shape) display the Village and Metra logos, and can be used only at the Schiller Park Metra lot. The cards are available for purchase at the Village Hall during normal business hours for $15, and come with $15 worth of parking (enough for 10 days of parking). Once purchased, a parking payment card cannot be returned, and no refunds will be offered if a card is lost, stolen, or damaged. When needed, additional amounts can be loaded onto the cards using the electronic parking payment boxes.

When parking a patron is required to enter the specific number of the parking spot they park in when they are paying their parking fee. The lot will be monitored daily by the Police Department and cars that have not paid (or that are not parked in a proper parking spot) will be ticketed. The parking payment machines keep track of the parking spots that have been paid for that day, so anyone using the lot is strongly encouraged to pay the $1.50 fee and enter the correct spot number of where they parked to avoid a ticket. Also, patrons are strongly advised to keep their parking receipt as proof of payment.

As of November 4, 2016 the Village has contracted with Passport Parking to offer a smartphone app method of payment for those interested. The phone app (called "Passport Parking") is available for free on the iPhone App store and the Android Google Play store and will allow payment via a credit card for those willing to pay an extra 37 cents convenience fee each day (this goes to Passport for providing the service). You need to download the app then set up an account - if you pay $20 for a "wallet" you get $21.50 in parking credit. Users can also manage their parking online at


If you have any questions about Metra parking, please contact the Village Hall at 847-678-2550.